"If your prospects can't find you online,
then you don't exist"

Stan The Annuity Man

WSJ Market Watch Columnist, Top Annuity Advisor

"If you consider yourself to be in the financial services business in any form or fashion, you need to pick this book up as a wake up call to how you business model needs to look going forward. Joe is an expert in transitioning the traditional advisor from old school effective to new school technology efficient. Either you get in the game, or you need to get out of the game."

Susie Munro

Author, Founder of Sixpence Media

"The gold in this book is in the story.

Whether you're an adviser in the USA that resonates with the exact strategies Joe talks about that are rapidly becoming less effective ways to market your financial planning business, on an adviser from another country that simply feels the same pain, this book is well worth a read.

Joe does an excellent job at explaining the challenges financial advisers are facing with traditional marketing strategies, and tells a great story in the process."